Our European and Swiss projects

1. EU Leonardo da Vinci Partnership 2012-2014 

C.A.S.E.S. WORK - Collaborative And Social Enterprises as a new model of economic activity and work opportunity

The project aims to:

  • Investigate the world of Social & Collaborative enterprise throughout Europe, collecting good practices.
  • Build innovative educational tools, in different languages, such as e-book guides for start up activities providing relevant information, guidance, resources.
  • Provide opportunities, through study visits and receiving on-site training in Social & Collaborative enterprises.
  • Create a website.

- See more at: http://www.caseswork.eu and

Research and Good Practice examples: http://www.caseswork.eu/good-practice-example/#sthash.Zy7DhaGe.dpbs , http://www.caseswork.eu/preliminary-research/#sthash.Wu6zvX7v.dpbs,

Good practice name: Wemakeit                                                 Sector: Crowd funding                                                               Location(country): Switzerland                                                     Who: It was founded by three private people: Jurg Lehni, Johannes Gees and Rea Eggli.

When:The platform was established in January 2012

Background: Wemakeit is the largest crowd funding platform in Switzerland for culture and cultural studies. It offers artists and designers the opportunity to fund projects in a short period of time while introducing them to a wider audience. It is the public that ensures the projects by funding all or part of its production. In recognition of public support, each contributor receives exclusive rewards. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, bands, designers and photographers paved the way: with the help of contributors, 550 projects were funded for a total of 4,000,000 francs. Now associations and non-profit organizations, neighbourhood committees also have the opportunity to start their the projects on this platform

What are the main issues / problems this Good practice was developed to solve. What is wemakeit.ch?  It is a virtual mecenatura/patronage of the culture and art which offers the opportunity to discover cultural projects in fields of music, film, theater, literature, dance and design to the public and implement them with their authors. To this end, exclusive rewards are provided for stakeholders. It offers the artists an ability to finance all or part of their project this with appropriate means or in a few weeks only.  Wemakeit.ch finances itself by a 6% commission on the projects realized successfully. It also supports some foundations, such as the Ernst Göhner Foundation, the Percentage Migros Cultural, and the Swiss Foundation for Culture Pro Helvetia. Last year, in 2013, by the evaluation purpose, Wemakeit contacted FINMA, the financial control body of the Swiss Confederation. The result was a clarifation of the organisation’s legal structures. The overall structure of Wemakeit, including their innovation in the operation and financial model serve a great Best Practice in the creative industry at global level. The success rate is 66%, one of the best global rates. The commitment of the initiators and community are key factors in the involvement of Wemakeit and its multilingual team coaching and advising the initiators competently in their campaigns. Also note the growing number of multi-contributors, which supported 2, 5, 10 or even 20 projects.

Beyond the borders : In 2013, Wemakeit pushed all boundaries. The group of theBianca Story” with its album project "You are miners?" reached 100'000 CHF, the most major campaign platform to date. Major campaigns, different languages​​, national borders were not barriers to  platform development. In 2013, it has developed very quickly in Romandie (french cantons) and 10% was generated by projects in Euro. To save taxes with Wemakeit, is the most important short and long term economical impact .The Wemakeit association was recognized as a charity association. Thus the contributions may be tax deductible.The future of crowdfunding? Forecasts say the rapid growth of crowdfunding  at worldwide, with a diversification of sectors, regions and economic partners. The founders of Wemakeit will broaden their activity areas, multilingually to be accessible by the European public and offer an alternative against the American global platforms.The platform Wemakeit.ch will grow through partnerships with universities, cultural institutions, innovative companies, townships and regions. The focus will be on popularization of crowdfunding in all regions in Switzerland. In 2014, the goal is that the platform grows by 100% over the previous year.

2. EU Leonardo da Vinci Partnership 2011-2013


Score : 96.000 
Commentaire de l'évaluation : 

The proposal clearly falls within the scope of the Leonardo programme and demonstrates that it clearly answers to the call and the needs of the target group. The learning partnership JOCONDA gathers France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Belgium and its aim is to clearly identify the risks taken by the professionals in charge of restoring works of art (scaffolding, solvents etc). Improving health and safety in the work place is an innovative initiative for this trade, often forgotten. The partners do not only have a good expertise on the issue but also experience in the management of European programmes. The idea of the project stems from former discussions between partners. The tasks planned are adquately scheduled and there is coherence between the activities described in the narrative part and the work plan. The publication of rules, guidelines, best practices will be a very useful tool for future use. The conservation and curation professionals involved are the right people to transfer this knowledge. It is recommended that the applicant develop this project as planned and insist on the transferability strategy to other European countries. This learning partnership is exceptional in its number of partners all involved in the same trade and in the idea of providing health and safety guidelines to those professionals involved in art restoration and conservation. Bravo and good luck
"This place high what is waited by the EU commission, but with our beautiful team it will be a pleasure to fulfill our duties for the best for health of Curators and Conservators."

(Francois Adoue, Coordinator, France)

The project has been started with a kick-off meeting at 20/21st of October.2011, in Bussigny-Lausanne, Switzerland.

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